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Religious Life

Michael Janowski

Michael Janowski, a faithful son of the Diocese of Pueblo, has recently joined the Knights of the Holy Eucharist (https://www.knightsoftheholyeucharist.com/). 

Born in Grand Junction, CO, Michael has been very active at both Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Joseph's!

After participating in many opportunities through our vocations office, Michael has succesfully discerned his call to spend time with the Knights and continue to follow God's call!

Photos: far left- Michael with Seminarian Williams Ospino at St. Joseph's Church, April 2019. left- Michael with Fr. Carl in Lincoln NE at the Brother's residence. 

Seminarian Christmas Lunch

Photo on Left: Williams Ospino, Conner Ryan, Fr. Carlos Alvarez, and Derek Fox
Photo on Right: Fr. Carl Wertin, Williams Ospino, Conner Ryan, and Derek Fox
​December 2018, Grand Junction, CO

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